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The first three books in the Trouble series, Looking for Trouble, Here Comes Trouble and Along Came Trouble have been picked up by The Hachette Group. The books will be released under the Forever Romance line of Grand Central Publishing.


nothing but trouble

August 15, 2014

Book 4


“Fun and hot!” ~ myguiltyobsession.blogspot.com

July 2013

“An unexpected surprise.” ~ fairytales4grownups.com

September 2013

“This story is smoldering and sexy, and the depth of feeling that is woven throughout the story is genuinely touching.” ~ RT Book Reviews

November 2013

Grand Central has re-released the first two books in the series (Looking for Trouble and Here Comes Trouble) and is planning to release Brody’s story (Along Came Trouble). The paperback editions are slated for July, September and November releases. Electronic editions are being released before the paperbacks.

Happy reading, folks!

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Tuesdays Treats

Posted at Aug 26, 2014 1:50 pm in ,

I really hate Tuesdays. Mostly because Monday drags on FOREVER and by the time Tuesday comes around, I feel like the week should be almost over. But it’s only Tuesday and I still have 4 days until the weekend. I know that doesn’t sounds like a lot, but when you’re getting up at 6 am to get two kids off to school, T-ball practices and swim practices…well, 4 days can go on and on.

The one good thing with this week is the kids being back in school. Which means I can get back to the writing grind. Summer vacay is an awful time for my writing because I feel like I’m constantly playing cruise director to a 9 and 5 year old. Then there’s the fighting routine. “Stop looking at me,” “Stop copying me,” “Don’t be a brat,” “You’re a baby.” etc, etc. It’s enough for me to want to jab an ice pick through my eye ball just so I don’t have to listen to it anymore.

But the kids are in school and the house is quiet. Which means I can get some work done and finish the same WIP that I’ve been working on for months. Because I plan on releasing in March of 2015, so I need to get my tush in gear!

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