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The first three books in the Trouble series, Looking for Trouble, Here Comes Trouble and Along Came Trouble have been picked up by The Hachette Group. The books will be released under the Forever Romance line of Grand Central Publishing.

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July 2013

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September 2013

“This story is smoldering and sexy, and the depth of feeling that is woven throughout the story is genuinely touching.” ~ RT Book Reviews

November 2013

Grand Central has re-released the first two books in the series (Looking for Trouble and Here Comes Trouble) and is planning to release Brody’s story (Along Came Trouble). The paperback editions are slated for July, September and November releases. Electronic editions are being released before the paperbacks.

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One of THOSE parents

Posted at Feb 5, 2014 5:00 pm in

I’m not afraid to admit my age. I’m 33, turning 34 in May.

And I don’t consider myself old. At least on most days, anyway. I mean, 30s is young. Right?


But, I suppose, for someone who’s young enough, 30s would be considered old.

Like, say, a nine year old…

My nine year old, to be specific.

Occasionally she’ll ask me questions like, “When did you get your first cell phone?”

Or, “Did you ever go on YouTube when you were little?” Of course, I refrained from saying there was no YouTube when I was little.

Then she hit me with a whopper that left me kind of flabbergasted. She asked, “Mom, were there cars when you were a kid?”

I mean, really? Do I look so old that cars could not possibly have been invented when I was a child?

I blinked at her and said, “Of course.”

Her response was a slow, “Oh. But I thought you were little, like, a really long time ago.”

This is the part where I changed the subject because I wasn’t sure I could say anything productive and worthwhile. And I thought to myself, “Oh my Lord, have I become one of those parents?” You know the ones I’m talking about. Those we think are totally archaic because they grew up in the era of 8 track tapes and rotary telephones. And we try to be funny by asking them things like, “Was dirt invented when you were a kid?”

And now, I know how they feel.



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