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So I owe my readers a HUGE apology. I had planned on posting this weeks ago,but I over extended myself by doing a ton of volunteer work at my kids’ school. Then my son got and I got sick. Basically life got in the way, and with two kids at home, and a never-ending list of household chores, and after school activities, sometimes my work gets put on the back burner.

In any event, here is the cover reveal for The Trouble with Trouble. The book is a novella and finally tells the story of Courtney, the McDermott brother’s younger sister. The book will be out on November 10th.

So the giveaway works like this: Simply leave a comment about either the cover or the excerpt (or both), along with your e-mail address, and I will chose a winner at random. The giveaway will run through Sunday night (the 9th) and will be announced Monday morning (release day), and will win a copy of the book along with a $10 Amazon gift card.

Go forth!

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Then she spotted him. Or, rather his legs. Slightly bent at the knees, covered in a pair of shiny basketball shorts and moving up and down, in the doorway of his office, as though being lifted. As she came closer to his office, the movements of his legs made sense.

A pull-up bar installed at the top of the door frame.

And then the rest of him. Not clothed. As in bare-chested, muscles contracting as he lifted himself chin-level with the bar, then slowly lowered again. Then lifted. Then lowered.

Oh Lord.

“Are you going to say something, or should I keep going so you can stand there and watch?” Grant asked in a surprisingly non-winded voice as he continued his reps.

Courtney wasn’t sure she could do even one of those, much less sound so calm while doing so.

Her eyes remained glued to his torso, specifically how dangerously close those shorts were to slipping right off his narrow hips. And, yeah, white boxer briefs looked spectacularly amazing against tanned skin. Especially when that skin was pulled tight over a freakin’ eight pack.

“I don’t understand what’s going on here.” And, dammit, did she have to sound like she was on the verge of a really good orgasm? Why couldn’t he work out with a shirt on? Or, better yet, not have a body that could have been sculpted from granite?

“What does it look like?” he asked as he touched his chin to the bar, then lowered himself again.

“Well, it kind of looks like you’re doing something other than what you asked me here for.” And torturing me in the process!

“Maybe, maybe not,” he replied with a half a smile.

She stabbed her hands on her hips. “Did I get the day wrong?”

Grant touched his chin to the bar one last time, then dropped to the floor, landing on his feet with the grace of a ballerina. A one-hundred and eighty pound, six-foot-three ballerina.

“No, you got the time wrong.” He hooked his hands on his lean hips and stared at her. A single bead of sweat rolled down in between his pecs, then traced the contour of his abs before being absorbed by the elastic band of his briefs.

She yanked her gaze to his face and willed the heat to seep out of her cheeks. “I’m ten minutes early.”

“You’re twenty minutes late.” He spun around and sauntered into his office. “I told you noon.”

She followed him, secretly congratulating herself for not ogling his cement-hard ass. “You said twelve-thirty.”

Grant swiped a towel off his desk and rubbed it over his face. “No. I specifically remember saying twelve.”

Shit, now she was second guessing herself. Had he said twelve? She’d written twelve-thirty but that had been after she’d hung up the phone with him to schedule the meeting. In the past, her short-term memory had a way of altering itself. She’d been positive she’d heard twelve-thirty, but since she hadn’t written it down the second he’d said the time, it was possible she’d gotten it wrong.

“I can tell by the look on your face that you’re remembering more accurately.” He cupped a hand behind his ear. “Go ahead, you can say it.”

Oh, now the gorgeous bastard was asking for it. Would Chase kill her if she strangled every last cocky breath from his manager’s lungs?

“What, that you’re just as smug as you were four years ago?” she countered instead. Admitting to herself that she was wrong was one thing. Saying that to Grant? She’d rather tar and feather herself.

His only response was a chuckle. The deep throated kind that skittered along her nerve endings like a pebble hopping over the glassy surface of a lake.

“Always something to say,” he commented with a shake of his head. Then he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts, and pushed them down his legs.

Panic shot through her system faster than it took him to step out of his shorts. “Wait, what’re you doing?”

Holy Guacamole, if he stripped out of those boxers she’d have an aneurysm. Bad enough the cotton material was so tight over every ridge of muscle, he might as well not even be wearing the things.

One of his brows crept up his forehead. “What does it look like? Feel free to stay and watch.”

And then he dropped the boxers.



Tuesdays Treats

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I really hate Tuesdays. Mostly because Monday drags on FOREVER and by the time Tuesday comes around, I feel like the week should be almost over. But it’s only Tuesday and I still have 4 days until the weekend. I know that doesn’t sounds like a lot, but when you’re getting up at 6 am to get two kids off to school, T-ball practices and swim practices…well, 4 days can go on and on.

The one good thing with this week is the kids being back in school. Which means I can get back to the writing grind. Summer vacay is an awful time for my writing because I feel like I’m constantly playing cruise director to a 9 and 5 year old. Then there’s the fighting routine. “Stop looking at me,” “Stop copying me,” “Don’t be a brat,” “You’re a baby.” etc, etc. It’s enough for me to want to jab an ice pick through my eye ball just so I don’t have to listen to it anymore.

But the kids are in school and the house is quiet. Which means I can get some work done and finish the same WIP that I’ve been working on for months. Because I plan on releasing in March of 2015, so I need to get my tush in gear!

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Wild Wednesdays

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I didn’t blog yesterday because…well I just didn’t. It was one of those days where I was like, “I’ll post after I’m done with this load of towels.” Then it was, “As soon as I get home from these errands I’m going straight to the computer.” Before I knew it five o’clock had come around and I was too consumed with dinner plans to open the computer. So my post didn’t get put up yesterday.

I wish I had something fascinating to write about this morning. Some I-Love-Lucy-type incident to give you all a good laugh. But I’m too tired from being up with my dog all night long and the television in our room staying on until 3 a.m. because my husband can’t sleep. Between getting up at 11:30, 4:30 and 6:15 because our little Golden Retriever/Chocolate Lab mix has come down with a case of uncontrollable diarrhea (and don’t you just love that visual), and my husband’s loud breathing (which is just a kind way of saying he snores), I’m dragging something fierce this morning. I finally moved to the couch around 6:30 and got the first deep sleep of the night and woke up at 8:30. I’m usually out of bed by 7 so 8:30 is really late for me. Then the dogs come barreling down the stairs, because they sleep with the kids, and said little Golden Retriever comes prancing to the couch, wagging tale and all, and sticks her wet nose in my face (so nice to see she slept well), like the two hours since she’d seen me had been too long away from me.

Let’s just say I wasn’t all coo’s and good morning’s. I think I mumbled something like, “Get the hell away from me,” because even chronic insomniacs get better sleep than I got last night.

So maybe my Wednesday won’t be so wild after all.

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Flirty Fridays

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Nothing But Trouble is being released today. Woo Hoo! And for this Flirty Friday I thought I’d throw up a picture of the book’s hero, R.J. Devlin. Just so you can see for yourself why he drives the heroine, Rebecca, so crazy.



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Wild Wednesdays

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I have a big house. Not that I’m trying to brag. It’s more of a complaint because the place is more than I can handle sometimes. Trying to keep up with everything that has to be done is kind of like floating in the middle of the ocean without a life preserver. I clean one mess only to have three more messes made by the time I’m finished. And I don’t really keep a to-do list because the thing would be too damn long.

But there are never ending projects around this place. Organize closets. Clean windows. Shampoo carpets. Mop floors. Dust. On a good day I’ll manage to wash some dishes and maybe empty the trash.

The other day I must have been feeling extra ambitious, because I did something that I haven’t done since we moved into the house 2 years ago. I cleaned grout.

We have tile on our bathroom floor and laundry room floor. I HATE tile. It cracks and grout is impossible to keep clean. But after seeing the once light gray grout turn an unnatural shade of black (insert gagging sound here), I decided, okay. I can no longer place my feet on these disgusting floors. So I mixed a concoction of bleach and scrubbed the every-loving daylights out of those floors. A couple of the tiles are still cracked but, hey, the grout is clean. Not quite the same light gray color it should be but, close enough.

Now if I can only find the time/motivation to clean windows, dust, repaint baseboards, etc. etc.

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Tuesdays Treats: Excerpt

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As you all know, Nothing But Trouble will be out on Friday. So to celebrate, and to give you all a little sneak peek, I’ve put up a short excerpt. And stay tuned next week. I will be doing another giveaway with lots of books up for grabs!


From across the room she sighed and opened another cabinet. He leaned against the doorway and grinned. She may mess with his head, but she was so damn cute when she got fired up. As if sensing his presence, she whipped around and caught him staring.

            “I was just looking for a mug. Someone’s going to get hurt if I don’t get some coffee.”

            He chuckled and pushed away from the door. “The cabinet to the left of the sink.”

            She snagged a mug and poured the coffee in practically one move. Desperate, much?

            “Do you have any cream?” she asked as she placed the carafe back in the machine.

            He narrowed his eyes at her. “What do I look like, a woman?”

            “Do you at least have any sugar?”

            Without saying a word, he reached into a drawer and tossed out a couple of sugar packets onto the counter.

            She eyed them like they were maggots. She licked her lips and picked one of the packets up. “This looks like you hijacked these out of a restaurant.”

            “Maybe I did.” He slanted her a look as he took a bottle of water from the fridge, then took a long gulp.

            “Don’t you have, like, regular sugar?”

            He lowered the bottle and leaned against the counter. “Why would I need regular sugar?”

            “Everyone needs regular sugar.” She tore open one of the pink packets and dumped it into her coffee. She opened three more, then stirred the drink.

            “Only people who bake. I don’t bake.”

            She took a sip of her coffee. “That’s a shock.” Her eyes darted down to his chest, which sported left over sweat from his workout.

            He hadn’t bothered wiping it off because he’d planned on showering anyway. Didn’t women love sweaty men, or some shit like that? She’d tortured him enough last night and this morning. Hell, he’d stood under ice cold spray for damn near twenty minutes, trying to wash her away.

            Payback was a bitch, baby.

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Flirty Fridays

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It’s the end of the week and, if you’ve had a week like mine, that’s cause for celebration. So I found this to take my mind off things. Or just to drool over or stare at. However you choose to spend your time with this is totally up to you.



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Wild Wednesdays

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I’m not much of a boat person. I mean, I like being on them as long as the seats are comfortable and it doesn’t, you know, sink or anything. Yesterday we took the kids out on my nephew’s boat. And when I say “boat” I don’t mean one of those big things with leather seats, a canopy and wakeboard tower. It’s a fishing boat with about 15 horsepower. In other words, it doesn’t go very fast. But it got us from one side of the lake to the other where we were able to jump off the side and swim.

Now, I much prefer a pool because I can see the bottom and I know how deep it is. I have no idea what’s in a lake and what creepy crawlies are lurking just beneath my feet down to who knows how deep it is. But the water was warm, which is important to me because I don’t like jumping into seventy-degree water. No matter how hot it is out. I like my water like bath water. Warm enough not to shock the teeth out of my skull when I jump in. And when I say “jump” I mean sliding off the side of the boat so I don’t lose my sunglasses to the murky depths. Even though they’re ten dollar sunglasses. 

And we did try to wake board, which doesn’t really work when the boat only goes about ten miles an hour. Not even fast enough to get your knees on the board. Just enough to sort of lay on the board while the boat pulls you through minimal wakes, not high enough to jump over, but just high enough to splash water all over your face and in your mouth.

But we had fun, because in Texas it’s too stinkin’ hot to do anything but play in the water.

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Tuesdays Treats

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As many of you know, the fourth book in the Trouble series, Nothing But Trouble, will be out on August 15th. The hero of the story, and my personal fave, R.J. Devlin, is one of those manly men. He loves muscles cars and getting his hands dirty with a healthy amount of engine grease. And sometimes it gets smeared all over his shirt…I’ll just give you a moment to let that image sink in.

When I was writing the book, I needed to give him a car to drive. Something that was loud and rumbling. Something fast. Something that suited his personality. So I browsed the internet for ideas (because I know nothing about these types of cars, other than they’re loud and probably don’t get very good gas mileage…or maybe they do, who knows?).

I came across the following car and thought, that’s it. THIS is the car my hero would cruise down the street in. Maybe give the gear shift a good working…




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Cover Reveal and Giveaway

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I’ve been quiet for several months, because I’ve been in a sort of book limbo. In other words, waiting to hear where I’m going next with the Trouble books. After learning my publisher will be passing on the final two books, I decided to self-publish them. Which means they will be in your hot little hands before next year!

Great news, right? Well, I can go one even better: The cover for Nothing But Trouble, R.J. and Rebecca’s story, is finally here. I’ve decided to reveal the cover on my blog and do a giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment and one person will be selected at random and they will be gifted a free Kindle copy of the book on the day it gets released. I’ve had people ask if they can pre-order it, but Amazon doesn’t have that feature for self-published books, nor can I mail advanced reading copies since it’s in electronic format only. So gifting a free e-copy is the next best thing for me. The contest will run until Sunday night, and the winner will be notified Monday morning. Please leave your e-mail address in your comment, so I can get in touch with you.

Nothing But Trouble will be out on August 15th.

The final book in the Trouble series, The Trouble With Trouble, will be out in November.


nothing but trouble


Rebecca Underwood likes her life the way it is. Quiet. Plain. Predictable. For years she worked her tail off in medical school and finally achieved her ultimate goal of working in a private practice. She sees nothing but smooth sailing ahead of her. That is, until she finds herself having to deal with the one man who has the ability to send her quiet and plain world into a tail-spin.

Master mechanic R.J. Devlin specializes in restoring classic cars. He’s poured blood, sweat and tears into building his own auto shop from the ground up. For him, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting a healthy amount of grease under his nails…except a green-eyed red-head who could bring him to his knees faster than he can say Corvette. So when Rebecca Underwood brings her father’s classic car to him for restoration, he jumps at the opportunity—for more reasons than one. Rebecca has always loathed surrendering any kind of control, but she knows R.J. is the best at what he does.

But then everything she’s worked so hard for, her practice and her reputation as a pediatrician is shaken. And as her carefully controlled world spirals out of control, the threat of losing her medical license, and even her practice, pushes her to unfamiliar territory and a place where she has no control— the arms of R.J. Devlin.


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